Thursday, October 23, 2014

Those who wrote.

We thank all those who wrote in reasoned opposition to the Sarasota County Commission's hijacking of the 2050 Plan. Many wrote, a few kindly shared their work with us:
Charles Pattison, 1000 Friends of Florida 
Cathy Antunes, Activist, founder, 2050 Action Network 
 Lillian Iannarone
Jono Miller, Activist, Adviser  
John Wesley White, former Sarasota County Administrator
Becky Ayech, former Sarasota County Planning Commission member 
Tom Matrullo, journalist, neighborhood activist 
Dan Lobeck, attorney, activist 

More letters 
Anne Kaplan, former head of CONA Sarasota
Bill Zoller, architect, activist
Andre Mele, activist,
Donna Cubit-Swoyer, activist
Mollie Cardamone, former mayor, Sarasota
Vickie Nighswander, candidate for Charter Review
Tina Rowbottom, Englewood resident

Even more letters. . .
Alex Morris
Rob Kaercher
Joy Sica Naylor, Englewood resident

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