Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lobeck: Gutting and Repealing Controls - Letter to the DEO

Mr. Eubanks and Ms. Brookens:

Attached is my analysis (in a shorter version and a longer one) of the latest round of amendments to the Sarasota 2050 Plan.

Please note in particular the complete elimination of the timing constraints in the amendment set for adoption hearing on October 22, which would open up the eastern county to massive urban growth all at one time, overwhelming infrastructure, including roads of critical state concern.

It might also be noted that the adoption version differs from the transmittal version in that the County is now dropping the proposed requirement for an adjustment of the developer’s fiscal neutrality report in the instance that the developer changes the mix of what is being actually developed. Although staff contends that this would require a rezoning and therefore a new report, the Sarasota 2050 Zoning Code has been amended to allow changes in what is being developed, administratively to a point and with Board approval beyond that, without any stated requirement for an adjustment of fiscal neutrality.

This is to request a copy of your ORC or other DEO comments on this amendment.

Thank you very much for your considerations.

Daniel J. Lobeck, Esq.
Personally and as President of Control Growth Now, Inc.

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