Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lakewood Ranch's Three Card Monte Turns Four Lanes into Two

Proof that we are subsidizing development

Via CONA Sarasota:

Who is paying for roads?

In 2010, Lakewood Ranch development received approval to increase their Sarasota 2050 project from 57 units to over 5,000 housing units in exchange for open space, walkable communities and included paying for the new roads needed by the development.

The developers signed an agreement with Sarasota County called the Adequate Facilities and Transportation Agreement (AFTA) which clearly outlines who pays for the roads needed by the new development.

The 2010 AFTA agreement stated (see attached)

'SMR or Lakewood Ranch Stewardship district will remain responsible for constructing all on site and site related roadways,at its own expense...
'Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, from Communications Parkway to Fruitville Road:  construct two lanes prior to first construction plan; (and) two additional lanes...'

Yet, if you read the October 8th Sarasota Herald Tribune article on the construction of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, the newspaper stated
'Jensen has also proposed four lanes for the road - instead of the two he's required to build - and for the county to pay the difference.'
This article refers to comments made by Rex Jensen of the Lakewood Ranch SMR development company.  (see attached link to article)

So when did it change from Lakewood Ranch development paying for all four lanes of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard to where they are only required to pay for two lanes?  When did we get stuck with the bill for paying for 2 lanes?

This is one example of how existing Sarasota County taxpayers will be subsidizing new development in the rural lands. There were several 2050 developments approved to date and more expected. We have no idea how much subsidizing new development will cost the Sarasota County taxpayers in the near future.

So join us in sending your objections to the state.  Send your objections to:

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