Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alex Morris on 2050

To the DEO and Sarasota County Commissioners: 

I object to changing Sarasota County’s 2050 Plan. The proposed changes profit a few rent-seeking developers who make major political contributions. Subverting the plan as proposed will harm County citizens’ living standards and quality by sprawling homes into agricultural lands, meanwhile foisting infrastructure costs onto middle and low-income people lacking influence. The amendments will eventually cut employment and economic growth needed for improving residents’ standard of living. 
 Sarasota County Commissioners absolutely refuse to perform due diligence by analyzing the economic costs, benefits and major issues of major economic strategy and fiscal neutrality. Absent this prerequisite, state agencies cannot conscientiously review the County’s proposals. The Board even fires staff daring to suggest prudent business practices, witness its recent Administrator. The corruption of County processes is demonstrated by the way the changes are being rammed through, with little pretense given to public interests. Meanwhile, implicit tax increases are continuing, such as for 2014 property taxes. Please help stop this waste by sending the proposed changes back for revision. 
Alex Morris 
Member, Sarasota Citizens for Responsible Government

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