Sunday, September 21, 2014

2050: Origins and Roots

The 2050 Archives contain documents from the formative period (1995-97) when a multi-stakeholder group (msg) of Sarasota citizens thinking ahead about the urban service boundary and lands east of I-75 reached consensus on the values and principles of a new form of urban planning.

What we offer"The multi-stakeholder group seeks to bring common sense to future land use in Sarasota County."

What we believe:
"The current trend of spreading out from the urban core creates high infrastructure costs, loses the sense of Community, significantly increases pollution from automobile trips, destroys the natural heritage of Sarasota and reduces the open space value of water and air filtration."
"Current public lands will stay in public ownership and be managed as a valuable resource for future generations."

Where we stand:  Water, wildlife, native habitats:
"A different urban form is realized for Sarasota County besides 5-500 acre single use subdivisions and string commercial." 
"A plan for the future that serves the public interests while respecting the valid, constitutional rights of affected private interests."

What we learned: Statements from members of the MSG, a map series, and an analysis of East Sarasota lands, uses and biodiversity.
"The area east of I-75 still has a future that can balance several competing but legitimate interests. There are many alternative potential outcomes."

Villages (dark blue) & hamlets (turquoise)

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